Best Demo Video Award

Breaking news! A video featuring our historical reconstruction of Ancient Mesopotamia 5000 B.C. won the Best Demo Video Gala Award at the International Conference of Intelligent Virtual Agents in Los Angeles. Congratulations to our academic colleagues from Western Sydney University, who recorded the video and submitted it to the conference. 

Ancient Mesopotamia 5000 B.C. is a historical simulation that we built together with Western Sydney University academics. The simulation is historically accurate to a large extent, but not really 100% accurate. In a way, it is even provocative in its inaccuracy, because, apparently, even the Stanford professor who consulted us don’t have all the answers, so it was decided to build a simulation, get it out there and wait for collective wisdom to come back with criticism that can be taken on board in future versions. Additionally, the key goal of this simulation for our clients at Western Sydney University was to demonstrate their ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence technology that makes it possible for a large crowd of different looking avatars to live their complex virtual lives in a simulation. The avatars have physiological needs and desires and satisfy those by eating, sleeping working and exchanging goods. They follow complex social norms of the Mesopotamian society and engage into complex interaction protocols. 

The video might not look super smooth, but it features a great project and showcases fantastic AI technology in action. We are proud to have contributed to building this exciting reconstruction.